Bryan Flanagan

Bryan began his career as a delivery boy for the IBM Corporation in his hometown of Baton Rouge after graduating from Louisiana State University.He then invested the next 14 years as a salesman, a “people” manager, and a sales instructor at IBM’s national training center. In 1984, Bryan joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in Dallas, TX. For the next 20 years he served clients in a variety of industries ranging from professional services to high tech to pharmaceutical companies. Bryan has a passion for the sales profession, for salespeople, and for those who desire to increase their presentation skills effectively and in a professional manner.

In 2005, Bryan founded the Flanagan Training Group. In this capacity he designs and delivers training programs that improve team and individual productivity. Let Bryan put real-world experience to work for you and your team. He understands what is required to achieve success in today’s competitive environment. He has interacted with 4,096 groups, traveled 3,330,972 miles, and trained 731,451 people. And, yet, he claims his future is still ahead of him!

One thing you can count on . . . Bryan has fun during his presentation and so do his audiences.