Gennady Polonsky

Gennady Polonsky has Ph.D in Economics, Reader in International Economics and former senior academic. Currently Management Development consultant, business speaker, co-author of several books published in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan and Russia including recent texts, The Russian province after communism: enterprise continuity and change (Macmillan, 2000), Management in Transition: From the Berlin Wall to the Wall of China (RoutledgeCurzon Publisher, London and New York, 2005, Japan 2008). Also published several case studies business books that are now used within several prestigious Universities including Copenhagen Business School, Kutztown University, USA, Moscow State University, MGU, Russia, Bergen School of Economics and Business Administration in Norway and many others.

During the last 12 years he has been working as an International Development consultant and a Team Leader in more than 20 major projects for the European Union, UNDP, World Bank projects in IPA, NIS, ENP, MEDA and MENA regions, Central Asian countries managing more than 60 mill Euros in projects value.

Gennady has conducted more than 1000 seminars and conference presentations for business, academic, charity, NGOs and other institutions in 26 countries of the world on both sides of Atlantic.He has been consulting for such companies as British Gas, BASF, European Commission, World Bank, Severstal, Siberian Airlines, Trechgornaja Manufactura, Hay Group, Volkswagen group, Mercedes Benz and many others.

His primary experience is on business environment in Russia and former USSR countries; doing business in new market economics; cross cultural management, informal practices in corporate governance; investing in Russia: risk minimization strategy; power and business or “how not to get hurt”; 10 commandments or “how to become successful” in Russia; keeping business ethics in; business integrity; how rapidly to increase the customer base: peculiarities of the Russian market
Gennady is also experienced in industrial zones development in several transitional countries. Marketing, promotion, attracting FDI is one of his professional experiences gained in Serbia, Syria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia. He has also advised government of Russia on issues related to joining World Trade Organisation. Gennady has linguistic fluency in three languages and a basic working knowledge of six others.

Summary: an experienced, confident, entertaining speaker and trainer with a proven track record in producing consistently excellent results in all many international projects with multi-cultural teams. Native Russian offers first hand advice of setting up, promoting and operating business in Russia and other post-Soviet countries. Well-experienced practitioner on cross cultural management issues confirms his ability in sustaining strong business ethics throughout turbulent business environments.