Geoff Ramm

Geoff Ramm is a multi-award winning marketing speaker based in the United Kingdom. He has keynoted to rave business reviews throughout Europe, Southern Africa, North America and the Middle East. He inspires and entertains from entrepreneurs to corporates audiences alike with his quick paced, highly interactive creativity. As the creator of ‘Observational Marketing’ he takes everyone on a journey of memorable real life marketing stories and ideas that not only enthral and enthuse but also help to ignite everyone in the room to gain and retain more customers and to completely stand out from the competition.

He’s the author of ‘OMG’ (Observational Marketing Greats) and is the youngest Fellow and in-coming President of the Professional Speaking Association in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Global Speakers Federation, as well as being a UK Enterprise Ambassador. His client list includes: British Airways, Barclays, Tiger Brands & Sage.

Personalising every event to suit your theme, Geoff will weave your takeaway-value into his speech to ensure a lasting personal impact for you, your organisation and your audience.