Ron Jenson

Dr. Ron Jenson is an internationally known author, speaker, and interviewer of hundreds of top leaders in the areas of leadership, life success, and influence. Dr. Jenson spent eight years as President of a group of international graduate schools and is currently Chairman of Future Achievement International, a leadership development company specializing in principle-centered personal leadership solutions for organizations and individuals.

Future Achievement’s educational programs, products and services are currently sold and distributed in over 40 countries through various sales channels including: professionals, corporations, ministry/non-profit organizations, government sectors, youth and the family marketplace. Dr. Jenson is also Founder of High/Ground, a not-for-profit organization focused on being a catalyst for personal leadership development worldwide.

Dr. Ron Jenson is known throughout America and much of the world as America’s Life Coach, reflecting his expertise in the area of personal leadership. Ron’s doctoral work was in the area of leadership development and included intensive research on the major written works in the field as well as personal interviews with 350 of the top leaders in the United States and internationally. He is listed in numerous Who’s Who publications and has written several books.

Ron Jenson knows the MLM business very well and was a guest speaker for many large MLM companies in the USA and Russia