Seán Weafer

As an international speaker, business mentor and trainer he has specialised for many years in helping businesses use the psychological and emotional dynamics of selling to – and managing their relationships with – high net worth clients and corporate businesses. Since 1997 Sean has been an executive coach, a speaker, trainer and author in the fields of networking, sales, entrepreneurship, coaching and mentoring – working with audiences and businesses in the Far East, Middle East, Europe and the USA.
After over 25 plus years in sales and in studying human behaviour he has distilled what the world’s best professional advisors and sales professionals do naturally to acquire and keep valuable clients.

As well as a strong business background he is a qualified psychotherapist, analytical hypnotherapist and master of NLP (he started his career as an engineer – which is why he works to provide such practical and results focused programmes!).

In short Sean is:
-Creator of the acclaimed ClientEQ™ High Trust Advisor programme on how to acquire and keep high value clients.
-International keynote speaker and trainer.
-Master Coach and innovator in the coaching field since 1997
-Creator of the unique G2S® Performance Coaching System
-Featured in Training Journal Magazine, the Times of London, contributor to Start Your Business magazine,, -Better Business, Business Britain et al. (see press)
-25 years of sales and management experience having worked initially within the software and IT sector for 10 years and in the learning field for the last 15 years.
-Hypnotherapist and Master of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & Time Line
-Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association
-Ex-marine engineer and merchant naval officer.
-4th Dan blackbelt in the Japanese martial art of Ninjutsu
-Member of the Institution of Engineers in Ireland
-Member Royal St. George Yacht Club
-Member of Mensa

Topics are mainly dealing with sales, networking and coaching performance:
-The New Dynamics of Selling (the Psychological and Emotional Dynamics of Selling in Today’s Markets)
-Selling to High Net Worth Clients
-Sales Motivation and Inspiration
-Sales Coaching/Mentoring
-Business Development Networking and
-Sales Performance Psychology and Confidence