"Succeed and evolve. How? "

Gennady Polonsky, Ph.D in Economics, Reader in International Economics and former senior academic, offers a course for Russian-speaking audience, the foundation of which was used for trainings in the UK, the US, Russia and some other countries in Europe and the Middle East. Traditional course was supplemented and expanded because of recent economic crisis in Russia, it includes business situations built on problems experienced by Russia. Course duration varies depending on the client's needs.

Common name of the course - "Succeed and evolve. How? ", main headings are "Philosophy of Action against the Philosophy of Inaction" and "Critical Factors of Success".

All topics of the full course are based on the most recent studies (2011-2014) of the London School of Business and the School of Business at Harvard University, long-term cooperation and constant personal contact with Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Allan Pease, Jim Kouzes, Marci Shimoff, John Gray and other world famous experts, as well as on the author's personal experience of being the head of dozen profitable projects and leading multinational teams in 27 countries, including Russian-speaking countries.

Students get special workbooks and deal with it during the training and in the process of self-education. The course consists of 3 parts by 6 hours each (depending on the format of event, each part can be filled with more details and expanded up to 18 hours), each section is integrally connected to each other.

Despite this, each part can be selected as a specific training because it is a complete theme. The aim of the course is provide practical skills to students that can be used immediately after education.

At the end of the course, participants will get personal certificate from the Business Speakers International (Great Britain).

More information about each section of the course: